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    Southern California Home Improvement Center (SCHIC) is one of the fastest growing solar integration and installation companies in the nation. We provide homeowners and commercial alike with the best solar panels in the world, along with all the available financing programs to suit your specific needs. For 25 years, SCHIC has forged the path to helping homeowners increase their quality of living through home improvement upgrades.

    Our mission is to integrate the best in solar and energy efficient technology with the knowledge and experience that only we can provide. With the rising cost of electricity and the increase of solar subsidies, now is the best time to experience solar. Let the sun power your home or business with clean and renewable energy.

    We are at the helm of the solar movement in America, offering multiple options for the consumer to receive the best sun exposure with their solar panels. Whether it be ground mounts, wall mounts, or roof mounts, our goal is to relieve clients of their monthly energy costs, putting money back into their pockets. Utility costs are projected to rise annually, and by going solar we can help prevent the effects of these rising energy costs. If solar is not enough, SCHIC is an expert in assessing energy usage and can customize and upgrade your home to save even more with a variety of other excellent energy efficient products.


    • "My factory had an $8,400 monthly electricity expense. Solar has saved me thousands!"

      - Sean Green

    • "It’s so good to give back to the environment."

      - Laura Calloway

    • "It’s so great having one less bill to pay!"

      - Tyrone Johnson

    • "They saved me over $7,000 this year. My investment in solar has already paid off!"

      - Samuel Amir

    • "I wake up every morning and feel good about my new solar system."

      - Jessica Sanders

    • "I grew tired of the electricity hikes and decided to go solar… best decision of my life!"

      - Frank Lissau

    • "I couldn’t be happier with my solar investment. I got an ROI of 14%."

      - Christopher Woo

    • "I used to have a $350/month electricity bill… they reduced it to $20 for the entire bill!"

      - Gilbert Ramirez